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The SoCo invention is ecological.
It saves nature and energy.


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Web-Cat Oy is an innovative company in global economy.

Web-Cat Oy has been engaged in trading transactions of raw materials and it has conducted constructing and consulting between Russian and international companies since the year 1993. We have imported raw materials for instance for the needs of the EU industries. For coal transportation we opened logistically practical railway transportation corridors via Finnish border stations like Vainikkala from Siberia to Lahti and Pori, and via Vartius border crossing point to Raahe.

We have consulted in the case of occurrence of any problems in transportation logistics. Large-scale international companies and energy produces have been our clients.

Web-Cat Oy Ltd has planned for instance the operational charts for the transborder logistics of the EU and Russia in order to make the border crossings more effective. Operational charts have aroused great interest in Russia and reached the reading in the Duma. As a part of global business we try to develop a new field of business from the designing of transborder logistics.

Economic growth

As an example due to this invention transportation and production logistics of fertilisers, coal, chip, biomass and different kind of pellets are going to develop rapidly in the near future. An application of the container can also be used for oil transportation. So exploitation of oil wells for commercial purposes gets easier in difficult terrains for instance, in Siberia. It will not be necessary to invest great sums in oil pipes.

It is important that transportation of products in bulk gets more simple and it happens more quickly, as well it has been taken into consideration in future plans of stations for industry and production and further on, it has influence on development of national economy. Where there is industry there are also qualified people.

So due to a well-organised logistic chain and by its management we can help to reach remarkable speed in economic growth already in the near future. Due to this invention it is possible to control raw material flows and planning and implementation of new global logistic corridors in the future.

Creates new industry and know how

SoCo Soft Container ® is useful for everyone taking part in the logistic chain, also for the states, which can create new industry, jobs, welfare and increasing income due to the increasing flows of raw materials, all because of the higher speed of transportation.

In the developing process of the invention huge amount of technical and economic know how is also created, i.e. cluster of global logistics.

This means, for example, future development of different kinds of transportation device, like wagons, trailers, ships, aeroplanes, computer software, technical hauling equipment etc. So it means those products, whose task is to make the raw material and goods flow as simple and as ecological as it can be in a global economy.

Then, what are those device, wagons and ships going to look like in bulk handling in the year 2010?

SoCo Soft Container ® is not just a separate product but it has a large influence on research and development of other concrete products in the field of transportation.

The huge amount of technical and economic know how that is created this way has enormous potential possibilities of utilisation in global economy.

Finally we can summarize that this container, if any, is needed already in the nearest future.

In addition the question is about a modern image factor in creating positive climate of the 21st century for the entrepreneurs and thus it is also a great asset in regard to the decisions of future stations made by the companies.

The invention is ecological; it saves nature and energy.

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There is the need of millions of new type containers on the transport market.