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SoCo innovation give possibilities to create new transport corridors

SoCo Soft Container ® is useful for everyone taking part in the logistic chain, also for the states, which can create new industry, jobs, welfare and increasing income due to the increasing flows of raw materials, all because of the higher speed of transportation.

SoCo creates new industry

In the developing process of the invention huge amount of technical and economic know how is also created, i.e. cluster of global logistics. This means, for example, future development of different kinds of transportation vehicles, like wagons, trailers, ships, aeroplanes, computer software, technical hauling equipment etc. So it means those products, whose task is to make the raw material and goods flow as simple and as ecological as it can be in a global economy.

Then, what are those device, wagons and ships going to look like in bulk handling in the year 2010?

SoCo Soft Container ® is not just a separate product but it has a large influence on research and development of other concrete products in the field of transportation.

The huge amount of technical and economic know how that is created this way has enormous potential possibilities of utilisation in global economy.

Finally we can summarize that this container, if any, is needed already in the nearest future.

In addition the question is about a modern image factor in creating positive climate of the 21st century for the entrepreneurs and thus it is also a great asset in regard to the decisions of future stations made by the companies.

The following inventions are to be prepared for a future purpose in positive operational environment:

  • Sea Savior, technological invention, that gathers chemicals from polluted water/Sea.
  • Taylor made versions of SoCo Soft Container
  • Plumber Japa, construction equipment
  • Industrial and infra maschinery for logistic
  • Team sports trainer
  • Ice World
  • Network security background
  • etc.
  • Ready to start Patent process and cooperation with reliable partner(s)

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