The solution minimize air pollution and emissions of carpon dioxid


SoCo-transport container minimizes 50% greenhouse gas emissions in return transport !

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The SoCo invention is ecological.
It saves nature and energy.
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New World

At first it can be stated that the SoCo invention in question opens a new world in global economy especially for transportation products in bulk such as: coal, fertilizer, peat, woodchips, cellulose, bio mass, grain, iron-ore or plastic pellets etc. or various products such as bulk products by sea, river, land, rail and air.

The invention in question opens a new world in global economy especially for transportation products in bulk.

The invention opens today’s all modal transportation corridors and multimodal chain for transportation products in bulk functionally and efficiently and it takes into consideration safety factors.

Planning of the invention started from the need to make transportations of goods in bulk more effective, but it can be used for several products that are transported today in transportation units and containers.

As an example due to this invention transportation and production logistics of fertilisers, coal, chip, biomass and different kind of pellets are going to develop rapidly in the near future.

An application of the container can also be used for oil transportation.

So exploitation of oil wells for commercial purposes gets easier in difficult terrains for instance, in Siberia. It will not be necessary to invest great sums in oil pipes.

It is important that transportation of products in bulk gets more simple and it happens more quickly, as well it has been taken into consideration in future plans of stations for industry and production – and further on, it has influence on development of national economy.

Where there is industry there are also qualified people.

So due to a well-organised logistic chain and by its management we can help to reach remarkable speed in economic growth already in the near future.

Due to this invention it is possible to control raw material flows and planning and implementation of new global logistic corridors and multimodal chain in the future.

SoCo transportation container field of the invention

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