SoCo Soft Container ® is a new type of light and foldable transport container.


Build up the ecolocigal transport chain to your company!

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SoCo Soft Container ® locistics helps EU to reach promises of Kyoto Protocol.

Article: " The Kyoto Protocol in general ".
Kyoto Protocol is a treaty binding under international law through which countries commit themselves to concrete reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the period up until 2012. An overall reduction of at least 5 % should be achieved from 2008 to 2012, as compared with the 1990 level.

Empty transportation

What a terrible waste and against - EU emissions-law
and - Kioto events principles!

Statics estimation 2005:
99 % of the return transito containers and vechiles are empty on their long way trough Finland.

As conclusion there is the fact, that almost every second container and vechile are empty in the traffic of Finland.

In statistic the Ministery Transport and Communications Finland the transport of empty containers have bee hidden behind the word " TEU ".

How much are the emission guantities and cost of the empty container and empty vechile transportation ?

The last news result of the research VTT:
" 5 % savings in the truck transport fuel consumptikon decrease carbon dioxide discharges 240.000 tons/year in Finland ".

SoCo technology minimize greenhousegas emissions

SoCo Soft Container ® is foldable transport container, extremely light, but however strong, easy to handle, and when it is empty, it fits easily in a small place.

SoCo weights only some 25 % of the weight of a steel container that are in use nowadays. When SoCo-transport container is empty it is folded in a small place to return.
Many empty and folded containers according to the new invention can be carried at the same time for instance in a railway carriage or in a container itself to the loading place.

Now and in the future when energy costs are high the savings in transportation costs can be remarkable.

SoCo creates your company the possibility to build up the most optimal and ecological inter- or multimodal transport chain from row material sources.

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