SoCo Soft Container ® is a new type of light and foldable transport container.


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SoCo SoftContainer ®
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Foldable transport container SoCo Soft Container invention saves transportation costs

The patented brand new invention foldable container
for global transport logistics

SoCo Soft Container ® is a new type of light and foldable transport container.

SoCo has according to the ISO 1161 standard freight containers corner fittings for normal shipping procedures.

No Hinges.

The invention was planned to be compatible with today’s transportation vehicles, container handling equipment and harbour cranes.
By planning the container the intention was to create a container,
which is extremely light, but however strong, easy to handle,
and when it is empty, it fits easily in a small place.

Now and in the future when energy costs are high
the savings in transportation costs can be remarkable.

SoCo weights only some 25 % of the weight of a steel container that are in use nowadays.
When SoCo is empty it is folded in a small place to return.
Many empty and folded containers according to the new invention can be carried at the same time for instance in a railway carriage or in a container itself to the loading place.

The question is specially designed transportation container. The loading volume of the container in relation to the carrying capacity and vice versa is bigger than we have been accustomed to previously.


With the invented container even 60 tons of products can be transported, conventionally 35 tons of products with the volume of 35 m³,
when in well-known hard containers there can be transported some 28 tons with the volume of 31 m³ there.

Previously known large sacks have the carrying capacity only
of some 1 – 2 tons.

SoCo Soft Container ® is loaded normally from the top with special equipment for this purpose, or it is loaded straight from the conveyer.

When loaded it waits for the arrival of transport facilities.

For example when a train arrives SoCo Soft Container ® is only lifted to the wagon and left to the transportation chain to carry to the destination.
The system does not tie trains and ships in the loading and unloading places at the terminals and harbours.

Saved time and costs in every part of the logistic chain are remarkable.

The invention in question opens a new world in global economy especially for transportation products in bulk.

Information about Soco SoftContainer ®:

SoCo SoftContainer ®
1. SoCoTech 2. SoCoBase 3. SoCo Vision 4. SoCo Film

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