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SoCo weights only some 25 % of the weight of a hard container 20"
that are in use nowadays.

SoCo Soft Container ® is simple, but ingenious. The construction of the SoCo has been designed detail by detail using the most modern technology.
Every pattern, model form, desing detail and calculation scheme have widely considered the best and modernd materials and methodes available. The material is new polymer technology.

SoCo does not rust.
This tested material with the new innovative construction is strong and robust. The calculated construction guarantees maximum lifetime and readiness for heavy-duty

No hinges.

Transport technology

The SoCo transport container 20" is able to carry even up to 60 tonnes of goods, normally 35 tons of goods with capacity of 35 m³, whilst in the known hard transportation containers 20" it is possible to carry about 28 tons with a capacity of 31 m³.


MitatSoCo SoftContainer 20” merirahtikontti40”merirahtikontti
6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm
35 m³
60 mt
6058 mm
2438 mm
2591 mm
31 m³
27 mt
12030 mm
  2438 mm
  2591 mm
   67 m³
  28-30 mt

The 40" container and the new EU model " EILY " size is available, too.

SoCo has according to the ISO 1161 standard freight containers metal corner fittings for normal terminal handling and shipping procedures.

SoCo is loaded normally from the top with special equipment for this purpose, or it is loaded straight from the conveyer.

Logistics technology

SoCo’s unloading is easy.
The bottom of the container has five openings unloading hatches.
The hatches can open one by one, which enables one to control the emptying of the container.

After unloading as empty SoCo is foldable in small placeto return.
Several empty folded SoCo containers can be transported at the same time for instance in one SoCo container itself to the loading place.

SoCo can be used short- and long-termed storage of various goods and raw materials.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty on International Search Report has classified the invention called SoCo Soft Container ® to the best "A 1" category

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SoCo SoftContainer ®
1. SoCo Tech
2. SoCo Base 3. SoCo Vision 4. SoCo Film

SoCo SoftContainer ® is the patented light transport container.

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